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    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    Oh the Possibilities

    Business Week has a fantastic issue everyone is buzzing about. Its a great conglomeration of strategy, creativity and research. Gareth Kay's Modernista helped design it, they give quite a fair shake to the innovation world. This was seen as having a bright future in advertising by Alex Bogusky at the Future Marketing Conference. One of the issue's highlights is Google's Marisa Meyer's with 9 Rules For Innovation. These rules are smart because they turn corporate convention on its head, the kind of convention that usually stifles ideas.

    1. They expect everyone to innovate, including finance
    2. Share everything you can
    3. Your brilliant, we are hiring- experience doesn't matter, smarts do
    4. Employees get a day a week to develop new ideas
    5. Innovation, not instant perfection- get the idea out then refine it
    6. Don't politic, use data- idea evaluation should not let subjectivity get in the way
    7. Creativity loves restraint- give people guidelines and a vision
    8. Worry about users and usage and not money
    9. Don't kill projects, morph them- salvage the best out of everything

    Finally we are getting a little recognition, even though we didn't make the mag. Scary though cause that means more of you guys are coming for me. Gotta keep with the times i guess.....
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