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    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Beer for Bags

    Thrillist( as they say is a "quick, free, 4-times-weekly email that sifts through the crap to find guys the best services, gadgets, gear, bars and restaurants. We have two editions: Thrillist New York, which covers things local to the City, and Thrillist Nation, with info for guys everywhere.") put this out a little while ago, but i can't take my mind off how great this idea is. Introducing the Beers for Bags sale, kicking off Saturday at both their NYC locations. Crumpler Bags (former Aussie bike messengers) are handing over high-end bags for specified brands and quantities of beer: messenger, laptop, and camera bags, cell phone and PDF pouches, even a bean bag -- perfect for crashing out on after lugging suds all over town. Crumpler says this frothy financing will translate into customer savings (e.g., about $30 on the McBains), but exactly how much depends on where you purchase your trade bait.

    Ultimately, though, your bag will cost nothing: the company's inviting participants back for a party on the 11th, where they'll serve up the amassed brews for free -- making Crumpler the worst barterers since the Manhattoe tribe gave away this island for $24 in nonalcoholic beads. Wow. What a fantastic idea to not only get product out but create a user friendly environment. Crumpler is probably banking on WOM and people coming back to the party to purchase bags. I think this is a fresh approach to branding as the barter seems so much easier to swallow than shelving money out for product. Also im not sure how great the demand is for insulated messenger bags, but this gives a RTB and an occasion. While it may only have short-term effects for the brand, its a great step to long-term brand building as well as strong brand equity. Hats off to Crumpler and where is my Sapporo?

    The exchange rates:
    The Winkler: 4 cans Boddingtons
    The Bundle: 40oz OE + 12-pack PBR
    The Aggott: 12-pack Brooklyn Lager
    The McBains: 12 cans Guinness
    The Moderate Embarrassment: 1 case Sapporo + 1 bottle Soy Sauce
    The Barney Rustle: 1 case Coopers + 2 Fosters Oil Cans
    The Complete Seed: 1 case Leffe + 1 bottle Chimay
    The Holy Bean Bag Chair: 1 case Pacifico + 1 bag Limes
    The Entire Crumpler's Catalogue: 3 O'Doul's + Your Mom

    Bag o' Beer
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