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    Wednesday, June 28, 2006

    NBC joins Youtubefoolery

    Youtube has been something of a phenomena. Not because people flock to the site to check out wildly hilarious videos uploaded by everyone from schoolchildren to your buddys DUI (that was hilarious) to grandpa's golfing mishaps (think your own America's Funniest Home Videos). But because its partly illegal. Youtube has an extraordinary amount of "illegal" clips from copyrighted shows, yet it continues to live and thrive onward. Youtube is a great media equalizer as well, allowing anyone to have access to their own media channel to publish movies, mash-ups or hilarious falls. Now NBC has signed a deal to promote its fall line-up (after hounding the site to remove its previous clips). Siiiiiiigh. This posts some issues for me. While i don't see anything wrong with the partnership, why is a major media company with all the capabilites in the world jumping on the band wagon? Im not sure of any major bump NBC will experience from the partnership. It's quite significant in the turbulent media world, signifying new media may have advantages over the old but, is it really a changing of the guard and do people on Youtube really go there to see show previews they can see on tv? Much of the delight is the unadulterated fun and wackiness of youtube, not pre-programmed spoonfed shows. To me NBC is trying too hard and could risk being the "corporation" on an organic website. Or are they smart enough to offer clips up for remixing? Will media companies form partnerships with 'appropriate channels' or will they continue to slut themselves away in the wake of itunes and Youtube? Comment away...
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