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    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Stories Move Us

    Look familiar?

    Nike has always been open to focusing on the little things. That means bringing to human side of life to light. Human interest is what really captivates and moves us, not just technology, perceived value or other less than motivating product attributes that are commodities in today's day and age. These Nike dunks pay homage to Michael J Foxx who played as Scott Howard with the Beacon Town Basketball Team Beavers. Thats Teen Wolf for those youngsters or deep thinkers among us.

    Sure there are time and places to be so literal, but this is brilliant acknowledgment of the cult classic movie Teen Wolf that will surely tug on nostalgic heart strings a bit. Nike's ability to take leaps in the name of culture create a curation-like role consumers crave. Dare i say few other brands can insert themselves into the saliency of culture with the tactfulness of Nike. Why dont more brands acknowledge pop history?



    Nike Air Force One 8:14 PM  

    These shoes are kinda hot..



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