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    Monday, November 05, 2007


    Nothing to me is more refreshing than a trip home to north carolina. I live in such a chaotic place, home is the antithesis and the true centering point. For me i get to see family and friends, and live life how i knew it for my first few decades. Its also a chance to recharge my batteries, which i find continually drained being a strategic brand consultant. Not to say i don't love it, but i find it continually more involved than advertising. The work i currently do involves branding, but absolutely no advertising. I tend to believe this is the redefinition of brands, which has apparently been brought up recently here. I was quite happy to hear of this upon my return as brand ideas should be conversations not necessarily campaigns. Needless to say this is the approach we currently take at my job.

    Needless to say i feel rejuvenated, hope to build on all these ideas around me and finally get the Lifefilter back on track.




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