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    Friday, July 21, 2006

    The War Online

    Since we are living in an age of democratic everything, including content and content production on the internet, things are changed a bit. The LA Times newspaper has an article devoting coverage to the Lebanon-Israeli conflict that is comprised completely of Youtube clips. Anyone can be taken to the front lines. Zah2an, an american, has put together a moving montage of photos which show you the war we don't see. It's both terrifying and amazing to see what is going on there. With the age of the Internet we may never be in the dark, no matter how much media or governments want us to be. This poses some questions about the validity and reliance of a centered source for video content(even as Youtube is being sued for copyright infringement). Will channels for content pop up in their appropriate sector as HDs disappear and storage issues shrink? How will tagging effect this? Will this swing back to the importance of search Google and Yahoo rose to fame and fortune, or is content king over context?
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