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    Friday, July 07, 2006

    Let them drive Jaguars

    Jaguar has a new campaign of placing its XK model with beautiful people instead of celebrities. They clearly want to be associated with the creme de la creme' of society. The company has loaned 10 of its new XK models to Britain's & the USA's “beautiful people” in an interesting attempt to promote the vehicle among the wealthy wealthy. Instead, the car maker hopes that its snobby errr socialite brand ambassadors will stimulate demand by being seen in the right place at the right time on their new wheels. The idea is that friends and colleagues will rush off to the nearest Jaguar showroom. Each of the drivers, chosen for their trendsetting style and consumption, gets a free car for up to six months. Jaguar is using a similar strategy in American cities, including New York and Los Angeles. One lucky winner in Manhattan is Nico Bossi, a 27-year-old native of Rome who can be spotted at hip bars and clubs such as Milk and Honey and Soho House. Bossi, who runs his own marketing agency. Though i can't find the agency in a quick search, the amount of press generated has been staggering. Is this smart for jaguar? To ignore celebs who are guaranteed mass numbers via paparazzi and mags, by going with "real" people who have tight-knit circles who might acutally buy the cars. Are these the type of people though to get that red shirt if jorge is seen with it on? Im not terribly too sure. The campaign is smart though to place cars with real people, to establish some valid living connections on the merit of a breathing product demo. Only time will tell if there really is any spillover to sales or positive brand awareness. Ahhh the beauty of advertising. Jaguar im still waiting for mine. Black with chrome rims please...
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