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    Thursday, November 03, 2005

    Coming to backyard near you

    Royal Caribbean’s has a monster ship forthcoming, the 158,000-ton, 3,600-passenger Freedom of the Seas, which will bellyflop into the ocean in May. Royal Caribbean has cultivated a reputation for sporty cruising for some time, but the Freedom of the Seas raises the stakes with a top-deck attraction called the FlowRider—a 32-by-40-foot pool propped up at a 45-degree angle with a three-inch-thick sheet of water flowing up it at a rate of 30,000 gallons per minute, creating an artificial wave for surfers. Royal Caribbean likes the FlowRider so much that it’s built this Web site around it. It can’t be long before a Royal Caribbean ship has a Ferris wheel. Ok but the real rage is with me and my fellow surfers. The Flowrider is sweet but ouch here goes our culture. We are a fierce tribe to say the least, and this is basically the suburbization of our sport, culture and pride. Though if i was on this ship, I would be rockin this 24/7. Its interesting to see a cruise ship use an attraction like this to generate interest in cruising...Only one person can ride it at a, id be worrying about doing an air off the ship. i just reallly want this at my house. now thats perfectly acceptable.
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