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    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Goodbye Redscout, Hello Young & Rubicam

    A few of you may know that i finished my last day at Redscout about 2 weeks ago. Personally, i wasnt getting the internal fufillment i craved and ultimately needed to keep up the daily doings. While i was sad to leave all my close friends, i was quite excited to start exploring other opportunities on the horizon. Sometimes you have to know when to call it. Redscout has been one of the most rewarding opportunities of my life, but has also been one of the most challenging. The folks there are really sharp, and all top-notch, which made me so apprehensive about facing outwards. I cant thank Jonah or anyone else there enough, as the Redscout fundamentals are so strong, each project is incredibly robust and tight. Im quite proud to have contributed the shop's growth, and success such as its purchase by MDC last year. Can't say much more, but i will certainly be in touch with all of them in the near and distant future. Good luck Scouts! what's next?

    Good question.

    I have taken quite a bit of time off for vacations, family, and mental clarity. I tend to think of NYC as a place where people come to find themselves. Having been in strategic branding for nearly 6 years now, i have found myself and dont necessarily need to build my book or work on a particular client. Not to say I don't have interest, but working on Apple isn't going to make or break my career. Ive been looking quite a bit at sharing my unique passions for culture and youth, and helping to cultivate strategists fresh to the scene. I have enjoyed leading projects, and have been looking for opportunities to flex my leadership skills. I have been involved with the Miami Ad School in the past and am looking to do more in the future.

    I have also panned advertising quite a bit in my time there, fully drinking the innovation Koolaid. But sometimes viewing something from a different perspective, can change our mind. I am indeed going back to creative pastures, working at Young & Rubicam. I have an opportunity to help cultivate change, introduce some new philosophies and work on quite a few great brands in a large capacity. Im also helping with the introduction of innovation practices for existing clients. I'm really excited to have a new lease on strategy, and more importantl,y getting to work again with creative folks. The creative aspects of an idea, coupled with the vernacular of consumers led me to believe i would be better fulfilled outside of redscout. Its quite hard to take culture and stick it into a soda or skincare concept. It can certainly shape what goes into the product, but it doesnt necessarily help it move off the shelf.

    This won't impact the blog one bit, but it will certainly infuse some perspectives on communication and creativity which were founding principles. Change is the only thing constant, and i'm enjoying the ride.


    erin 1:30 PM  

    What a great opportunity, glad you seized it.

    I'm excited to observe how your thinking evolves here on the blog.

    Good lucK!



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