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    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    Innovation Watch - Glue Jeans

    Sometimes innovation can be as simple as dialing up or dialing down a product trait.

    This pair of Dutch jeans uses glue instead of the usual stitching. The glue comes in different colors and creates a rather brilliant contrast to the usual gold or dark stitching.

    This isn't so surprising given the rise in the consumer's consciousness and importance of material sourcing. It seems everyone wants to know how something was manufactured these days. If people didnt enjoy process, things like Etsy wouldnt be around.

    But this doesn't exactly demonstrate any hugely functional or emotional advantage for consumers. So for now its a simple process innovation with fanciful design. Just how motivating novel design is to consumers remains to be answered.

    No word on if this is eco-friendly, but interesting to see where this lands.

    via JoshSpear

    Glue Jeans




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