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    Wednesday, February 06, 2008

    Loss of Storytelling - SuperBowl Ads late is this. Can you tell how much work i have going on? Thought i would weigh in better late than never

    This year's Super Bowl was quite thrilling. Depending on where you come from, you were either ecstatic or distraught like half of my house. As always the Super Bowl is the showcase for the best ads of the year, or so the non-ad folks think. Heck there are even sites dedicated to it solely now.

    Sadly though the ads have gone downhill since they started generating buzz, something indicative of ads in general these days. While Apple's 1984 set the bar high for ads, we have only watched their demise as the buzz has grown. Remember GoDaddy anyone? Still somewhat shameless and not doing anything to help themselves. Heck even the hamsters from cannon's era were funny, but lost in today's world. Were this year's any better?

    Here is what we got:

    Offensive Asian stereotyping

    Dancing Lizards- Is this a soda ad or a new children's animated movie? The smoky, fiery farts are a bit much..

    Toyota- Making no sense (for a change) with cannon's and badgers. A quiet ride sells a car?

    CareerBuilder's downfall (those monkey's really portrayed the office better than we thought)

    The usual BudLight schtick - funny but still vapid and lacking a sticking point. Ok so its a commodity, at least acknowledge the cheapness of it

    Fedex- Giant pigeons. Possibly the best of the day, the most lasting certainly

    T-Moible: Charles yapping, pretty funny if you follow him on TNT. This was one of the better ones...

    Really what i saw out of this was....

    Loss of storytellers, for lack of a better term.

    Nothing that sticks, its all about splashes, but these days we are almost immune to advertising. We automatically click the pop-up off the screen or start talking when a commercial comes on. There is little to no added value coming from the spots next to a laugh and that creates little connection, functional or emotional. The rules of engagement have changed and no one seems to acknowledge it...My how the 30second looked so dinosaurish...

    Surprisingly the movie trailers kept my attention the most, maybe thats because they were trying to tell a story

    *Note: Will Ferrell knows how to tell a story and establish a character just by acting goofy so maybe he wins by default

    See how they ranked





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