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    Wednesday, January 07, 2009

    Proximity and the Right Place

    Jeff Staple the "accidental" designer, who seems to create and dictate streetwear trends himself has an interesting article about the relevance of proximity. Such an interesting fellow, would really love to meet him one day! Specifically he talks about the new Kanye West CD. To me i myself have debated on its new direction, singing vs rapping , instrumentals vs productions and so forth. Jeff has a great analogy in his decision to place a logo in its proper or not-so-proper place depending on his desired effect. He enlightened me quite a bit by saying that the purpose of the first track is to ease you into the process and maybe better suited as a soundtrack for walking around a city or a personal adventure. Which got me thinking why i choose certain songs before i go out, or before a big day at work. Proximity matters. If anything Kanye probably brought back the importance of how someone listens or inputs a piece of media. Remember the magic of listening to a tape or cd the whole way through, and how songs held hands as tracks changed?

    JS sums it up best as "I thank Kanye for showing me that "Placing Things Where They Should Be" works not just in fashion, but in all art forms." Rightly so, and brands should consider the importance of placing things where they belong versus where they necessarily want to be.





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