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    Friday, April 11, 2008

    Lifefilter Links 4.7.08 - 4.11.08

    Here is a little something that caught my eye this week:


    What's Driving Innovation in Food Packaging
    In a state-of-the-union view, it seems pack designers are thinking more laterally, but still need to think about challenges more holistically.

    Japanese Gaming Vitamins
    Interesting new vitamin development for gamers in the form of Listerine Strips, which gives you mental boosts during and after serious gaming sessions. Ignore Gizmodo’s juvenile humor.

    11- The Beautiful Fooseball Table
    Check out the world’s most beautiful fooseball table as part of Milan Design Week.

    The Ikea Train
    A train in Kobe has received an ultra-Ikea makeover, complete with sofas and curtains to announce the brand opening a new store in the city.

    Color Changing Pavement
    Cool Hunting shows us an interesting pavement concept that changes color to indicate freezing and other dangerous conditions. Color Rocks!

    Nordaq Fresh Water Filtration System
    A new Swedish water filtration system is changing how and where water is purified; eliminating the need for bottling, shipping and storage.

    Patagonia’s Transparent Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
    Patagonia does things the right way. Their products raise awareness and contribute directly to needed regions, such as the 19 million acres on Alaska’s North Slope that’s under the eyes of hungry energy companies. Buy a shirt and fight back!

    Plantable Greeting Cards now with Seeds Included
    Recycled Ideas is selling greetings cards with seeds, so you can appreciate flowers after you appreciate the message. Available on Etsy.

    The Mafia’s Seven Rules how to Run a Business Successfully
    You don’t stay in power for centuries and have a global organization without picking up a few business tips. The Mafia shares what got them past Capo and onto Godfather.

    Yes you read that correctly. It’s the science of looking to Nature’s design for inspiration. Mind blowing!

    NYC’s Wineries
    Urban Wineries exist in the city, where you can make a barrel of your own, foster cooperation between other winemakers, or help stomp some grapes.

    Tribeca Festival Preview
    Gothamist has a look at this year’s festival which runs from April 23rd to May 4th.

    Karl Lagerfield does GTAIV
    Everyone’s favorite crazy fashionista is making an appearance in Grand Theft Auto IV, where he will DJ on air for the K109 studio. This self proclaimed gta-fan, a music junkie in his own right and apparently always carries multiple ipods.




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