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    Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    Well Done

    Pier's Conference was excellent yesterday for those who missed it.A few exemplary presentations:

    -David Rosenberg's Virtual Worlds Influencing Real World Behavior

    -Allan Chochinov of Core77 looking at consumption vs object in the world of design

    -Wendy's panel of artists who create masterpieces

    -Kevin Slavin who is blurring brands that live in virtual worlds with physical properties or vice versa

    -Doug Jaeger of HappyCorp who fights the media convergence monster and wins, repeatedly

    -George Parker, who might be the world's most cynical advertiser but a fing riot!
    "Everyone can judge 3 things:1. Driving 2. Making Love 3. Advertising.......But im the only one who can do all 3 at the same time" I could have listened for hours

    -Mike Byrne who spoke of how hope fuels the best brands and how they speak to the kid in all of us


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    George Parker 6:55 PM  

    Thanks for the kind comments... I forgot to mention the fourth thing... Burning money... But, I suppose that's just the enabler for the other three. I've been to and done lots of conferences, I must say though that Piers managed to pull together one of the better ones. As I said during the panel, to paraphrase Gertrude... "There was a there, there!"



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