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    Friday, March 16, 2007

    BuzzFeed Distinguishers

    Rise of the Digg Clones! Sorta. BuzzFeed prides itself to help one "find movies, music, fashion, ideas, and technology that are on the rise and worth your time. Our approach combines buzz detection with editorial commentary." From the site, it sounds like a story goes through multiple filters before it gets spit back out. After going rising to the top of user generated content, the story then is matched with "trend data from multiple sites". Not sure what it is, but i want access. Then the story is tracked through a human filter with word-of-mouth sources and peer communication. Its from the people who started the huffingtonpost so they do have cred.

    I for one am a little disappointed at the social bookmarking sites that are limited in scope (Digg) and often dominated by a select group of peers (see PSFK). While not exactly how these filters catch the worthy news beyond the editorial team's choice, i think there can be better ways for socially-nominated stories to shared. Look for more sites like this in the future.


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