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    Wednesday, February 28, 2007

    Youtube Graffiti: Vidavee

    As we mentioned previously in our hack article, users are proactively modifying programs and products to their suiting. Youtube has pretty much blown up video on the web and it was only a matter of time before consumers took to hacking Youtube. Enter streaming video hacks.

    Vidavee Graffiti allows users to add effects, animations, graphics, and text onto any video. This is classified as a “legal form of artful vandalism,” the effects are dragged onto the video clip and the start and end time can be selected in a timeline. Once the video is customized, a new embedded tag/code is generated and can be posted and shared elsewhere on the Web. Reminds us a bit of DIY Pop up video and its absolutely a sign of the times. Its still a little rudimentary for our tastes, but look for better tools that allow for greater artistic freedom in the near future. Our culture seems to be consuming media and culture in general as "snacks" or bite sized bits. There is no sign of this slowing down in the immediate future. So get out there and tag!

    [Ed. note: Thanks for the link from psfk, those searching for another alternative site can check out bubbleply. All of these emerging forms of technology are pretty rudimentary, but look for more killer 2.0 apps shortly.]

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