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    Monday, January 29, 2007

    Where we spend our time online

    Stumbled across this fantastic blog, compete. Great look at our online habits aka the attention economy. This is a fascinating look at how people spend their time accordingly on the web. The data is good because its based on the daily web usage of more than two million people and Compete calculates and estimates total traffic and rank for nearly every site on the web. It reminds me how savvy Google is with a radically different approach to generating hits and its power. Talk about a branded utility.

    Key Observations:

    * Only 20 domains capture a whopping 39% of all our time spent online.
    - These portals dictate the flow of traffic on the internet to an extraordinary extent. Look for their power to only grow as the web becomes more search focused and it coverges with TV. AKA Google is going to blow up even further.

    * Only 2.1% of our time is spent on (includes all sub-domains).
    - This is interesting. Pretty much everyone googles, but the actual amount of time spent is very low. Demonstrates Google's ability to be a facilitator almost automatically. They piggyback off others surfing habits, allow them to be the "tidekeeper" of the web. They literally go with the eb and flow of web users, always staying relevant. Still surprising despite the number of applications Google has unleashed recently.

    * "Even if one adds time spent on (#12) to’s (#5) tally — it still only adds up to 2.7%, and is well below time spent on (#4)".

    * "MySpace (#1) is miles ahead of Yahoo! (#2), however Yahoo! impresses. Yahoo holds a significant lead over, and Yahoo simply needs to merge with MSN to take #1"
    -Good point here, but some of these sites probably wouldn't overtake myspace even if they combined since they directly compete with each other and users are often loyal to homepages/portals.

    * The presence of on this list is surprising, but demonstrates the power of myspace.
    -Myspace dominates a specific need consumers are searching for on the web. Companionship or human interaction is natural. Myspace demonstrates the "popular" way. Adultfriendfinder shows the other end of the spectrum. Same need, just different way of going about to get it. Also its amazing to see how facebook jumps up too. It has really created a niche and done nicely to fill it out. Those guys are going to make benjamins when they sell it.

    The breakdown based on actual minutes

    All in all, by the looks of it, people are still wasting time.

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