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    Friday, December 01, 2006

    Sticky ideas: Entertaining or Interesting?

    Usual friday craziness here, but after reading this post over and over, i can't help but throw my 2 cents in. Influx is talking about the power of interestingness or as i like to call stickiness. What makes something truly impactful? Does awareness translate into interesting or does it need to illicit an emotional response? Jeffre from the Open Intelligence Agency (part of Russell's band of merry thinkers) has a great distinction about the difference between interest and entertainment. This is rightly pointed out as the fine line of advertising and advertising brillance that wins awards. Influx is right on to point out that "It's often a series of things that work together, it demands a truly unique idea that you have never seen before that provokes a reaction in the form of a series of questions." Next it brings up a great list of all the proper questions one should ask when testing a concept piece. (listen up all you jr. planners)

    How clever, how did they do that?

    I want to see it again

    I want to see that again

    What are they going to do next?

    I want to hang out with that brand

    I like they way they are talking

    I like them

    They are like me

    I should tell x about this

    Influx has another great point that to break it down to the level that formulaic simplicity is key.

    I.E. Star Wars is really (Good vs. Evil, Guy wins girl, Odyssey all wrapped in one + special effects)

    True, but it doesnt necessarily have to be all of these points. But i think simplicity is actually more important, because for something to be emotionally connecting, they only need 1 touchpoint. The key here is "Brands can be interesting if they do great TV spots, but they can be really interesting if they find an idea that they can do something more and use media to make it happen." Absolute astute truth! A big idea can live on multiple platforms because its bigger than the platform itself. Influx goes on to say they can't really think of any brands that live here, but i think this is the perfect application of Pier's branded utility over at psfk. These are brands that are useful in many facets of life. We are compelled to buy them, think about them, refer them to others bc/ they have multiple applications. People like to share, and brands that share (flickr) captivate us and coax us into grouping ourselves in commmunities. Communities can be built on the stickiness of something (ebay) solidfying a simple idea that reaches many, in many different ways. Ive rambled a bit, and while sharing and branded utilities are just two ways that command our attention. Could be something here. Brands that we can rely on for many aspects of life (apple, amazon are coming to mind). More on this later....

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