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    Tuesday, December 05, 2006

    Realtime Sticky Notes & SMS tags: The Future of Social Networking

    Social networks are an idea that can't be confined to one platform, specifically the internet. Its merely the conduit. The future of these networks is making better use of the real time connections and using future technologies to connect people. That future is here. In an idea not so different to what i pitched for MTVtres, is the new phone based social network, Socialight. It allows you to create, share, and discover virtual Sticky Notes placed at specific locations using your mobile phone or the web. You can create Stickies for anyone (your friends, or just for yourself). Stickies can contain text and photos, and soon it sounds like you can add sound clips and video. See a product you like at a store. Send it to your friends so when they show up they can find it. See a hot waitress at a restaurant? Post it and send all your buddies there. Socialight can notify you on your mobile phone any time you're near a Sticky. As your phone buzzes, it will display the Sticky, and you can check out some background on the person who set it. From there, you can instantly respond, leave your own Sticky, or just move on. Socialight's goal is to "let people share their experiences and ideas from the real world in a new way that we think makes a lot of sense, and for people to discover new ways to connect around place." Fantastic idea and really the future of social networks here. The cell phone is truly becoming the conduit Piers suggested.

    Ed. note: Emerge has an interview with Socialight's founder
    Dan Melinger

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